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Lucas Gardner is a stand-up comic, a writer for Laughspin and the creator of one of the best Twitter accounts that has ever existed, @Bill_Nye_Tho; which has been causing quite a stir on the internet since Twitter suspended it last week.  Lucas seems on the verge of very big things in the comedy world whether it be writing, stand-up or creating more and more insanely popular twitter parodies, Gardner is poised and ready to move on to the next level.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have Lucas come on After Bedtime’s second episode to talk about everything that’s been happening with him since he “came out” as the creator of @Bill_Nye_Tho, but we’re going to save that for the show. In the mean time, Katie LeChase sent Mr. Gardner the questions we like to ask all our guests on the show, and Lucas was kind enough to answer them.

Lucas “Sexy Pose At Breakfast” Gardner.


Q: How long have you been doing comedy, and what go you interested?
I’m very new to stand-up. I started over the summer. But i’ve been writing different things since I was a kid. Spec scripts, blogs, some fairly popular Twitter accounts and other things. I don’t now what got me interested because as long as I can remember the only goal i’ve ever had was to write comedy professionally.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations for comedy?
Hannibal Buress, Dave Attell and Eugene Mirman come to mind immediately. I will laugh at anything those three say. Jack Handey is my favorite comedy writer by far. And I have a love for weirdos like Brent Weinbach and Eric Andre who do really absurd, out-there stuff.

Q: What was your first joke? And how is it different from the jokes you do now?
The first joke I ever wrote is the one I still close with, which is “A few years back I went through a really dark period where I used to suck dick for cocaine. Things have gotten a lot better since I finally realized that you can just buy cocaine.”

Q: What are three words you’d use to describe the type of comedy you do?
“Sometimes kinda good.”

Q: What are three words your parents would use to describe your type of comedy?
“Interesting” “Good try”

Q: When you first heard about this show, what got you interested?
The crew behind it. I dont have a lot of experience in the Rochester comedy scene, but when I started hanging out around open mics and stuff I learned there’s a lot of really funny and talented comedy people in Rochester and a lot of my favorites are working on After Bedtime.

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing comedy in Western New York?
The fact that, because it’s a small community everyone is pretty accepting of new comedians.

Q: What’s the most challenging part about doing comedy?
For me it’s learning to gauge crowds better, and figuring out what they’ll respond to. And not getting discouraged when I realize that, even though most of the crowds I’ve performed for have been good, not everyone is going to get it.

Q: Do you enjoy writing or performing more?
At the moment it’s writing. A lot of the stuff i do is is better or more fit to be read. I’d like to get better at both.


There you have it, kids. Don’t miss your chance to see Lucas Gardner LIVE as a guest on the second episode of After Bedtime with Jimmy LeChase and Friends on October 6th at 8:00PM at The Space in Rochester, NY.

If you want to read more about what happened to @Bill_Nye_Tho and the reaction to it, check out this article here: ARTICLE.

If you want to check out Lucas Gardner on his personal Twitter account; which is also really funny, check that out here: TWITTER.

Don’t forget you can follow After Bedtime on Twitter and like our Facebook pages for updates and information on the show.

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