After Bedtime Episode 4

The fourth episode of After Bedtime with Jimmy LeChase and Friends is here just in time to kick out 2012 and kick off 2013.

As always, this episode was written, performed and produced by some of Rochester’s best up and coming comedy talent. Enjoy it!

Intro and Monologue:

Letter From Santa:

Hal Kilmer Interview:

Sword Swallowing Nate Clark:

Zane Golia Standing Up and Telling Jokes:


And there it is! Thanks to everybody who made our first 4 episodes so much fun and a (kind of) success! We can’t wait to come back in 2013 beter than ever. Have a great New Year, everybody!


LeChase on Golia: From ROC to LA to After Bedtime

Zane Golia  did not do stand-up in Rochester as long as some of his peers, but the impact he made on the scene in the short time he was doing weekly shows prior to moving to LA can’t be understated. Zane is the type of stand-up comic that can reach into the darkness of a situation and pull out the funny of it in such a way that you never feel yourself cringing or worrying that you’re going to go home and cry yourself to sleep. His material is maniacally cheerful and fun and so cleverly well written that even when Zane is toeing the line, he never loses the audiences. Zane really elevated the level of the Rochester, NY comedy scene in the little bit of time he was plying his craft here, and After Bedtime couldn’t be happier that he’s going to grace our stage to close out our final episode of the year.


Come check him out at The Space, in Rochester, NY on December 20th at 8PM, but first, check out the pre-show interview below to get all kind of pumped up.

Zane Golia: Decoratively Lit

Zane Golia: Decoratively Lit


Q: How long have you been doing comedy for, and what go you interested?
A:My first open mic was in August of 2010. However, there was a period of time back in 9th grade when I would do a short routine in my friends living room for him and his dad. It just took me a short 7 years to be able to do it for real.

The final catalyst was a tough breakup in college. I was really sad and it became easy to come up with a bunch of jokes about that. So now you know who to blame for all this.

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations for comedy?
A:Early on it was guys like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Adam Carolla, Conan O’Brien, and most of The Simpsons writers.

Although, after discovering comedy podcasts, I’ve come across countless other people I could name. Tom Scharpling is probably my favorite person to listen to at the moment.

Q: What was your first joke? And how is it different from the jokes you do now?
A: It was something like, “I’ve been really depressed lately, so my therapist has been encouraging me to find hobbies and activities to take my mind off things and stay positive….so I’ve been doing this thing called drinking alone.” The rest of the set was pretty much the same tone.

A lot of the early bits really weren’t that much different in style than what I do now. I still do a good amount of self-depreciating jokes, but they tend to be sillier. I try to find more interesting angles than just “I’m sad and do this” or “I drink a lot and this is how bad it is”

Q: What are three words you’d use to describe the type of comedy you do?
A; Odd, Unorganized, Charming.

Q: What are three words your parents would use to describe your type of comedy?
A: It’s ok, right?

Q: When you first heard about this show, what got you interested?
A: Since living in Los Angeles, it’s become a regular occurrence that I would see something about a fun show that Rochester comedians we’re putting on. Naturally, I would get super jealous in my dimly lit room and hope you guys would still like me by my next trip home. I’m really excited to be a part of this specifically though. It seems like a refreshing change from doing just regular all-stand-up shows.

Q: What’s your favorite part about doing comedy in LA as opposed to Western NY?
A; It’s great that there’s a seemingly endless amount of open mic options every night. Most are run different from each other and attract different types of comics, so it’s always fun to try a new spot. It’s also interesting that every time I go out, there’s at least 10 people that I’ve never seen do comedy before.

Q: What’s the most challenging part about doing comedy in LA versus WNY?
A; Pretty much the same thing. There’s so many comedians and open mics that it’s not only more competitive than I’m used to, but its harder to find that sense of “community”. However, I’m realizing that a lot of that is on me and could definitely be improved.

Q: What should people know, if they’ve never gone to a comedy show and are thinking of coming to this show?
A: C’mon, It’s got to be a least a little better than your other plans.



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Thank You

Jimmy LeChase here, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to thank everybody that’s been involved with and supported After Bedtime since its inception back in August. We’re 3 shows in and planning our fourth, and the amount of effort that goes into each is something that, when I take a second to look back and reflect on it, really makes me appreciate all the people I’m lucky enough to work with.

Every single one of the members of the creative team of After Bedtime has contributed something along the way that has made our tiny little show memorable, funny and, most importantly, a really good time. So, to the entire team at After Bedtime, please know that I’m eternally grateful to all of you for everything you’ve done to help make my stupid dream get even this far. I believe we’re slated for great, new things as long as we keep doing the work and learn how to improve between each show. You all are some of the most creative and talented and driven people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. I owe you all a lot.

I also owe the audiences that have come out to our shows more than I can adequately express here in this post. After Bedtime is, really, the only show of it’s kind in Rochester, NY and we’re slowly but surely building a fan-base and learning as we go. It’s our collective mission to bring new ways of making people laugh to each and every new performance. We are even going to be branching out into fun, new projects that include filming sketches and releasing them in between shows to keep the momentum rolling and the creative juices flowing. If we had no audience, no fans and no support, we wouldn’t be doing this. All of the pressure is on us to make our audiences laugh, and we’re up to the challenge. Thank you for coming out and I sincerely hope you’ll keep coming out to watch as we grow and get better as a show and collaborative comedy group.

I’m not much of a wordsmith, and I’m teetering on the edge of being emotional about this, so to put a tourniquet on this, please accept this picture as my most heart-felt thank you to all of the people on the After Bedtime team that put up with my shit, and to all the fans that make it all worth it.

Thanks, everybody! I’m the panda in this situation. Or the cake. I’m not good at metaphors.


Thanks again. You can check out episode 3 here if you want, I know everybody involved would really appreciate it.

Episode 3

Episode 3: Life

Finally, After Bedtime with Jimmy LeChase and friends has an episode ready for the world to see! Check out the clips below to view the entire episode. We’ve put them in order for you to make it easier for viewing purposes.

Everything you’ll see from here on out was written and performed by the team at After Bedtime. Credits as follows:

Co-created by: Mikey Heller, Vasia Ivanov and Jimmy LeChase.

Directed by: Vasia Ivanov

Edited by: Jimmy LeChase

Written and performed by: Mike Gifaldi, Mikey Heller, Bryan Ball, Vasia Ivanov, Nate Clark, Kevin Ricotta, Colin Burgess and Jimmy LeChase.

Guest appearances by: Chet Wild and John and Jeana Roth.

Produced By: All of our broke asses.

Intro and Monologue:

Birthday Cards:

The Facts of Life:

Colin Burgess Interview:

The Interruption:

John and Jeana Roth Interview:

Chet Wild Stand-Up:

Knock-Knock Jokes and The End:

Thank you a million times over to everybody that came out to the show or watches it online. Stay tuned for the next episode’s live taping on December 20th at The Space in Rochester, NY at 8PM.

Photos From Episode 3

Natalee Kiesling took some great photos of the goings on during After Bedtime Episode 3 (which was performed last Friday, November 16th at The Space in Rochester, NY), and she was kind enough to share them with us ahead of the release of the show itself later today. Take a look at what she cooked up below! Thanks, Natalee!

Before the show, Chet Wild’s shirt tried to eat Mike Gifaldi’s head. It didn’t work.

Jimmy LeChase gets some alone time at the desk to prep before the start of the show.

Bryan Ball warms up the crowd.

Monologue time. It looks like Jimmy is about to run the bases like Mickey Mantle, except half as sober and twice as fat.

The Facts of Life as performed and interpreted by 5 grown men.

Colin Burgess’ life has taken a hair turn.

Mikey Heller had some issues with our portrayal of the facts of life and took the stage to let us know about them.

John and Jeana Roth came by to talk tacos, life, bourbon and being great.

Chet Wild doing stand-up at the end of the show…

…he did so well we had him sit down and tell some knock-knock jokes after.

Show closing dance party!!

Natalee Kiesling (left) and Katie LeChase (right) showing off their Operation Kilmer pride after the show.

Speaking of After After Bedtime… that’s when things got weird.


There you have it. A special sneak preview of what’s to come later on today when episode 3 is posted. Thanks again to Natalee Kiesling for the pictures.

And a special thanks to Colin Burgess, Chet Wild, Mike Gifaldi, Bryan Ball, Mikey Heller, Nate Clark, Katie LeChase, John and Jeana Roth and The Space.

We can’t wait to get the video posted; which Jimmy says he’ll do as soon as he gets home.














Operation Kilmer: The Big Guns

Natalee is, essentially, the brains behind Operation Kilmer and the person responsible for putting the idea in Jimmy LeChase’s head to try and get Val Kilmer to come on a future episode of After Bedtime.

Watch below as she genuinely and nicely pleas her case for Mr. Kilmer to be on our show.